Welcome to my Blog!

Hello & welcome to my new blog! About 8 months ago I watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives, which completely changed my viewpoint on dieting and what was “healthy”. I immediately started my journey to eating a low fat plant based diet. I began educating myself on the benefits of a plant based diet and it very quickly turned into my biggest passion. As a Registered Nurse I personally see the devastating effects that a poor diet can have on our health on a daily basis. My motivation to eat this way first started with the intention of helping myself get healthy, but now is quickly growing into my passion to help others as well. Through this blog I hope to change the way people look at food & their health, and provide many delicious healthy recipes that everyone can enjoy. Thank you for visiting my website.



2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Blog!

  1. Haylee says:

    Hi there! Looking forward to reading lots of ideas and recipes. My grandfather has 5 different allergies, that he only developed a couple of years ago, so changing his diet with minimal fuss for a 96 year old has been challenging! I’ve shared your apple oatmeal recipe on my Facebook page too – I think he’ll be a fan of that!


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